Article i 'Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv' no. 4 2002, page 7-21.
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Between modernity and tradition

Finn Wiedemann

The article describes developments in teaching based on empirical research undertaken in grammar schools, but it also discusses the educational domain in general.

The introduction describes the macro cultural changes which surround teaching and which indirectly provide the framework for the on-going changes. In the next section, the article deals with the changes within teaching in relation to the domains of education, students, colleagues and management.

It goes on to describe how teaching and imparting knowledge have become increasingly complicated with the consequence that individual teachers have, increasingly, to undertake and engage in new tasks and roles. In addition, the way in which the relations to students, colleagues, and management have changed are also described.

It is argued that these changes, which have taken place in teaching in a number of fields, are identical with those changes which characterise the vast majority of the labour market in recent years. Here too, there have been continuous changes from previous conceptions of professions, known methods of working, and predominant relational trajectories.

Finally, the paper discusses how far the modernization of teaching has gone. The conclusion being that even though essential changes have taken place, modernization is not yet that advanced compared to a number of the tendencies that characterises modern organisations of science and the flexible labour market. This is, among other reasons, due to the special history of the Danish school, its organisation and culture in which the teachers have to some extent succeeded in maintaining the central values of teaching such as autonomy, equality and individuality.

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