Article i 'Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv' no. 2 2003, page 7-26.
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Dilemmas in participation of employee’s in ‘partnerships’

Helge Hvid

The article takes its starting point in the European concept of partnership. Partnership at company level is defined as the combination of a high degree of collective participation and a high degree of employee involvement. For more then ten years, partnerships have in Denmark, been promoted under the headline 'The Developmental Work'.

In the article, 15 company cases are analysed, all of which are included in the SARA project. In 12 of these cases, attempts have been made to realise 'The Developmental Work'. In three of the cases, Business Process Re-engineering has been introduced.

The cases all illustrate that there is no direct way forward to a well functioning partnership. The article identifies 13 dilemmas in the development of partnership. Dilemmas, which are all case specific, but at the same time are examples which can be inspiration for promoters of partnerships.

The article concludes that communicating the dilemmas of partnerships will probably be more helpful for the development of partnerships, than promoting the success stories only. If partnerships at company level should be encouraged more, it is necessary for employees and employers to learn to work with dilemmas just as important as working with authorities, labour market organisations and - institutions which are acting supportively to overcome the dilemmas.

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