Article i 'Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv' no. 1 2004, page 77-95.
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Professions - mirrors of work life in late modernity?

Henning Salling Olesen

An increasing proportion of work can be characterised as ‘professional’ - at the same time as some domains of classical professions are being transformed. Professions may reflect crucial aspects of work in a developed or late modernity. On the basis of life history analyses and of interviews with engineers, doctors and nurses concerning their professional career, their present job, and their ideas about their own future development the article addresses the following questions:

How can we conceptualize and analyse professions and professional identity in a way which reflects the dialectical relation between the knowledge base, the subjectivity of professionals and the societal frames of the work?

Understanding the reactions of professional members in terms of identification with a specific work experience, how can their individual and collective experiences contribute to the possible paths and the quality of development in that profession?

How is professional development intertwined with, and dependent on, the historical changes in gender (relations)?

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