Article i 'Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv' no. 1 2005, page 43-60.
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The Development Dynamics and Personal Consequences of Teamwork

Maja Marie Lotz og Signe Enemark Olsen

The article focuses on the interaction between self realization and community and illustrates how the modern individual does not create and form him/herself in a void, but rather always via the concurrent efforts residing in the process of interaction, dialogue and voicing with others. Based on a qualitative case study, the article empirically sheds light on this interaction amongst the co-workers at ‘Bildung A/S’ from three angels, thereby uncovering the “tact and tone” at the company, the formations, processes, and dynamics it creates in synergy with the co-workers self realization zeal, as well as the consequences formation on the job results in.

Special attention is given to the dynamics of teamwork, and the article concludes that the daily team based practice, the specific tone and sentiment of the team, as well as the daily interaction rituals in the team open for acknowledgement and solidarity, responsibility and personal development among the co-workers. The article furthermore shows, in a comparative perspective, that there is a distinction between how self-realization and community aspects scale amongst the production staff and the academics, who likewise make use of different formation strategies in their work. Meanwhile, the article also uncovers the fact that formation on the job has its price. The communities at Bildung A/S inherently repress the differences of interest and conflicts between managers and co-workers and they are designed according to the company’s strategy and goal, entailing an exclusion element that favorizes certain character traits. Finally, they limit room for diversity and multiple formation processes. It is therefore possible to claim that these communities also implicate excluding relations in working life, and that formation on the job, not only contains an acknowledging aspect, but also an alienating one.

Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv

(Journal for Working Life)




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