Article i 'Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv' no. 1 2005, page 61-72.
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Gender, Autonomy and Quality in Working Life

Experiences from an Action Research Project on Autonomous Working Groups in Care Work and Industrial Work

Annette Bilfeldt og Elsebeth Hofmeister

On the basis of an action research project related to industrial work and care work, the dilemmas faced by autonomous groups with flexible work are discussed. The groups’ understanding of problems and conflicts related to work and their plans of action are discussed in relation to genderdifferences, experienced by the members of the groups.

Taking the starting point in the duality of increased stress on the one hand and on the other hand increased job satisfaction and pleasure in the group organization, the article focuses on the question of how cooperation in the autonomous groups is improving working life, balancing the work with life in general.

On the network conferences of the action research project the groups discussed their different experiences of dilemmas and conflicts. It was accentuated that these conflicts either expressed different work orientations or different conflicts of ambivalence between work and life. Based on these discussions between the groups at the network conferences, each group developed models for handling future conflicts, respecting different values and interests of the group members. In addition, each group developed plans for improving influence and working conditions.

Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv

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