Article i 'Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv' no. 1 2005, page 73-87.
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Teamwork in primary and secondary schools – experiences and perspectives

Finn Wiedemann

During the last ten years, team corporation has been introduced in many Danish schools and educational institutions. In the attempt to discuss this development, the article takes initiates in the experiences with team corporation in two Danish primary schools. Here, the form, content and development of team corporation are analysed. The purpose of the article, is among other things, to focus especially on the advantages and disadvantages of team corporation seen through the teachers point of view.

The article is based on qualitative methods, where 15-20 teachers at each school have been interviewed group wise three times during 18 months. The theoretical framework of the article is primarily a mix of functional and symbolic or agent-oriented theories which allows to focus both on official and formal explanations for bringing team corporation in to the school and allows to analyse and discuss specific teacher experiences.

The article concludes that the tendency towards strongly increased team corporation in educational institutions must be understood together with the changing demands and challenges facing the educational world. Here, team corporation, together with many other present changes, becomes a central method which are believed to improve efficiency and quality of the schools.

In general, the interviewed teachers with a few exceptions, are very satisfied with this development. In general, they think that team corporation has improved pedagogical work, relations to colleagues and job satisfaction. The article argues that the positive experiences must be interpreted with the fact that teachers at both schools have been involved in the development of the present form and content of team corporation.

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