Article i 'Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv' 2 2006, page 68-82.
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The Inclusive Working Life Agreement

Means from national level to the level of managers in sick leave follow-up

Preben H. Lindøe, Åshild Bakke og Randi W. Aas

A tripartite agreement named the ‘Inclusive Working Life Agreement’ was established in Norway in 2001. The stakeholders see the workplace as the most important arena for achieving the main purpose of the agreement; create a more inclusive working life, reduce sick leave and disability and include more senior workers by increasing the real retirement age. The article describes and assesses the use of means at different organisational levels and the interrelations between the levels. It gives special attention to the use of ‘the sick-leave-dialogue’ between the leader and the worker as a mean of getting him or her back to the workplace. After the first phase of operation with it – it seems that the agreement has a positive effect on absenteeism by mobilising and facilitating activities at the working place. Nevertheless, inconsistence among the subsidiary goals in the agreement remains unsolved.

Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv

(Journal for Working Life)




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