Article i 'Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv' 3 2006, page 37-52.
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Young peoples choice of education and expectations to a future working life

Noemi Katznelson og Mette Pless

This article is based on a three years study of 1200 young people through their last years of lower secondary school and during their first journey into high school, vocational training, ‘tenth grade’ or work.
The article encaptures the young people’s first expectations to their educational trajectory and future working life. It concludes that the present generation of young people represents a change of attitudes amongst generations of youth. More young people of today tend to plan and search for control over their future – although many have doubts and several ideas and considerations – the normative goal seems to be a situation of control. They do to a vast extend carry high expectations of not only an interesting job and challenging education, but they do also increasingly state the importance of earning big money and of obtaining a secure position on the labour marked.
At the same time many of the young people fear that they might make wrong choices and that they might fail in their wish to succeed.
The change of attitude might be closely linked to the political climate in Denmark, where there is a high pressure upon young people to obtain a higher grade of education in a shorter period of time. Another reason might be that the young people’s attitudes can be analysed as a response to the increased individualisation of young people’s life choices, as a way of securing and diminishing the sensations of risk, which follows with the sense of responsibility for ones own success in life.
As a consequence of these changes the article points out that some of the young people might get an even harder time meeting the social and culturally produced demands from both their peers and the educational system.

Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv

(Journal for Working Life)




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