Article i 'Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv' no. 4 1999, page 49-64.
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The transformation of Human Resource Management in manufacturing industry

Søren Voxted

This article analyses how industrial firms ensure that the personnel’s resources tally with the needs of the firm.

It concludes that the demand for employee qualifications increase in firm which implement technological and organisational changes. These firms often need employees with new or improved qualifications.

‘Hiring and firing’ is one of the most frequent methods used by industrial firms to ensure that the employees have the necessary qualifications. Furthermore, almost all firms have had employees attending service training. The share of employees who are affected, however, varies greatly, even in the most innovative firms.

Finally, it shows that especially firms, which carry out organisational and technological changes, stress different methods of "on the job training" over and above the more formalised forms of service training.

The article is based upon results from the DISCO-project (the Danish Innovation System: Comparative analysis of challenges, strengths and bottlenecks). The project is initiated by the Industry and Trade Development Council. It aims at providing a detailed picture of the conditions for innovation in Danish firms.

Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv

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