Article i 'Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv' no. 1 2007, page 61-80.
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Long and non-standard working hours

Can influence improve the work-life balance?

Karen Albertsen, Tage Søndergård Kristensen og Jan Pejtersen

The arrangement of working hours is one of the work environmental factors that most seriously infl uence our private life. Even though the ordinary working hour agree ment is 37 hours per week, many people work long hours and many people work non-standard hours. More influence on when to place the working hours has been suggested as a way to solve the conflicts between work and private life.
The purposes of this study were to explore how long and non-standard working hours and infl uence over working time are associated with the experience of conflicts between work and private life. Further, we explore the level of work-life conflicts in different family constellations and for employees with a high degree of knowledge work compared to other employees.
The following questions were explored:
1) How many and who experience conflicts between work and private life?
2) Is there an association between work-life conflicts, long and non-standard working hours and the degree of influence over working time?
3) Can infl uence on working time compensate for the effect of long and non-standard hours on the experience of confl ict?
We use data from the second National Da nish Psychosocial Work Environment Study among wage earners, conducted by National Institute of Occupational Health,
We conclude that long and non-standard hours are associated with more conflicts between work and private life and that influence on working time is associated with slightly less conflicts. Influence on working time can not compensate for the negative effects of non-standard and long hours.

Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv

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