Article i 'Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv' no. 2 2000, page 85-106.
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Ethnic minorities on the labour market

A comparison of the situation and the policies of integration in five Europeancountries

Per Kongshøj Madsen

The purpose of the article is to explore and compare the situation of ethnic minorities on the labour market and the policies to integrate them in five European countries (France, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden and UK). The analysis is to a large degree based on the work of EU’s Employment Observatory (SYSDEM) who published a similar survey of all 15 EU-countries in the journal Trends in September 1999 (No. 32).

Both concerning the labour market situation of ethnic minorities and the policies to integrate them, there are remarkable similarities among the five countries (and Denmark as well). On the other hand a number of differences in policies and programmes are uncovered as indications of the different outcomes of the dilemmas facing integration policies. Thus some countries put more emphasis on selective programmes than others. Also, there are clear differences among the countries concerning the balance between ‘soft’ measures (eg. information campaigns) and ‘hard’ measures (legal action and quotas). There is therefore ample scope for a mutual exchange of positive and negative experiences among countries.

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