Article i 'Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv' no. 4 2001, page 91-104.
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It makes a difference to see the differences

On diversity management

Anette Steen Pedersen og Elisabeth Plum

Human resources are not a homogeneous pool of talents and the need for new talents and for managing the differences in organizations is bigger than ever. Organizations are short of qualified candidates for new jobs and the need to recruit differently is difficult to neglect. Diversity management has – for good business reasons – been put on the agenda in private and public sector business. How to manage differences is the new challenge in business strategies and human resources policies. It is not sufficient though just to manage differences from a non-discrimination perspective, to make sure everybody is treated equally. Neither is it sufficient to manage differences as ‘one difference at a time’ – e.g. gender, ethnicity, disability, race, sexual orientation – where each difference gets special attention. Stereotyping has shown to be the big danger in this strategy. This article argues for the need to develop Diversity Management into a broader strategy by creating inclusive organizations. It is important to see differences as a resource for creativity and innovation. Differences must be managed under the perspective of uniqueness, which gives everybody a space for unfolding their specific talents and to be seen as individuals and human beings. What is the connection between human resources policies and diversity management? What is a business strategy for diversity management and inclusion? This article tries to give some answers and guidelines for how to develop an inclusive organization.

Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv

(Journal for Working Life)




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