Article i 'Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv' no. 3 2002, page 9-23.
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From Protection to Discrimination

The Senior-Policy Costs of Old Age Policy

Henning Kirk og Jesper Wégens

Senior policy within the labour market is a point of discussion and a matter of growing interest in society. Decreasing input of young labour force in the future implies that the resources of the senior segment need to be considered. However, from a gerontological point of view, the market still needs to draw on the experience and skills of the seniors per se. Outdating of such experience and skills is too often interpreted as 'normal ageing' and not, as is often the case, insufficient education, training, and maintenance of skills, mostly due to management failure. The survival of age limits in pension policy and employment is another obstacle to making use of seniors resources. Age limits were originally introduced to protect old and frail people from poverty, but today such limits rather act as a vehicle for age discrimination.

Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv

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