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Counterproductive work behavior

Investigations of actors and targets

Suzy Fox og Paul E. Spector

American Psychological Assosiation 2005. 360 s.

Counterproductive work behavior (CWB) encompasses a spectrum of actions that harm employees or organizations. These behaviors include:

emotional abuse,
mobbing, and
They can range from severe, systematic, abusive bullying to milder, ambiguous episodes of workplace incivility.
This volume examines the conditions and events in modern organizations that contribute to CWB, as well as the steps organizations might take to combat it.

Authors from both North America and Europe analyze the interplay between the environmental factors of the workplace and the personal characteristics of the individual actors and targets of CWB. While these researchers study various aspects of this topic, the book deftly highlights the connections and distinctions in each of the authors' work. The result is an integrative and comprehensive resource that will help stimulate future research in the field.