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Sociological perspectives on labor markets

Bengt Furaker

Palgrave Macmillan 2005. 272 s. ISBN 1403991510
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This book presents conceptual tools and theoretical perspectives that can be used to sociologically analyze labour markets in modern capitalist societies. It makes use of the rich heritage of sociological thinking and draws on the classical work of Marx, Weber and Durkheim as well as structural-functionalist contributions. Contemporary sociological thinking is criticized for its tendency to exaggerate change in labour markets while the need to consider continuity is emphasized. Conceptual tools and perspectives are applied based on concrete phenomena, as the author combines abstract theoretical reasoning with theoretically founded reflections on actual labour market developments.

Contents Introduction
Some Concepts to Start with
Labour Market Divisions
Actors and Interactions
The Commodity Status of Labour Power
Age of Services, Information, and Globalization
The Individual-Collective Aspect of Employment Relationships
Labour Market Flexibility
Unemployment, Marginalization, and Employment Prospects
Labour Market Continuity and Change
Author Biographies
BENGT FURÅKER is Professor of Sociology at Göteborg University, Sweden. He has previously held positions at two other Swedish universities and was a Visiting Fellow at Yale University, USA. His research is mainly focused on labour market issues and the relationship between the labour market and the welfare state.