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Changing Labour Markets, Welfare Policies and Citizenship

Jørgen Goul Andersen og Per H. Jensen

The Policy Press 2002, 320 s.; ISBN: 1861342721
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Social marginalisation due to changing labour markets in a global, knowledge-intensive economy poses a major challenge to international welfare states. Addressing the problem from a citizenship perspective, this book contributes significantly to the understanding of policy problems and the development of appropriate strategies. "Changing labour markets, welfare policies and citizenship" readdresses the question of how full citizenship may be preserved and developed in the face of enduring labour market pressures. It: clarifies the relationship between changing labour markets, welfare policies and citizenship; discusses possible ways in which the spill-over effect from labour market marginality to loss of citizenship can be prevented; specifies this problem in relation to the young, older people, men and women and immigrants; offers theoretical and conceptual definitions of citizenship as a new, alternative approach to empirical analyses of labour market marginalisation and its consequences; and highlights the lessons to be learned from differing approaches in European countries. This book provides important insights for academics and students in comparative social policy, sociology and political science. It should also be of value to policy makers in the field of social and labour market policy.