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Work in the New Economy

Chris Benner

Blackwell Publishers 2002, 312 s.; ISBN: 0631232508
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The rise of the information economy is dramatically transforming work and employment conditions around the globe. Who does the work, how it is done, and the results it produces for individuals and their families, for organizations and for society, is undergoing fundamental change. This book contributes to our understanding of the transformation of work in the information economy, through a detailed examination of labour markets in Silicon Valley. It provides an original and insightful analysis of flexible labour including growing volatility in work demands and increasingly tenuous employment relations. In shaping this context of rapid change, it examines the increasingly important role of labour market intermediaries. These new labour dynamics, shaped by flexibility and intermediation, create difficult and contradictory conditions for workers. Some workers clearly thrive in this vibrant context, but many face high levels of insecurity admist growing inquality.