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Gender, Work Stress, and Health

Debra L. Nelson og Ronald J. Burke

American Psychological Association 2002, 312 s. ; ISBN: 1557989230
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Gender differences are the focus of this book which examines how socially defined gender roles affect individuals' experience of stress and health at work. The editors bring together an interdisciplinary set of writers and researchers to explore the interplay of gender, individual differences, social support, coping skills, family dynamics and aspects of the work environment, and how these affect health. This collection draws upon the emerging knowledge from management, psychology, sociology and epidemiology. Among the questions examined are whether men and women experience different sources of stress at work, whether they experience different symptoms of distress, whether they benefit equally from social support, how they cope, and what organizations are doing to help. Professionals in human resource management, consulting, training and development, and occupational health should be particularly interested in the effectiveness of prevention and intervention efforts related to corporate culture, flexible workload arrangements, and whether family-friendly policies are fulfilling their promise of helping to balance work and family demands. Researchers in management, business, occupational psychology, sociology and gender studies should find fertile areas for continued exploration within this field.