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Research companion to working time and work addiction

Ronald J. Burke

Edward Elgar, Cheltenham 2006. ISBN 1845424085
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Work hours and work addiction / Ronald J. Burke -- How long? the historical, economic and cultural factors behind working -- Hours and overwork / Lonnie Golden -- Definition and consequences of workaholism -- The workaholic breakdown syndrome / Barbara Killinger -- Exploring new frontiers to generate an integrated definition of workaholism / Lynley H. McMillan and Michael P. O’Driscoll -- Understanding workaholism : the case for behavioral tendencies / Peter Mudrack -- Antecedents and types of workaholics -- Making sense of temporal organization boundary control / Graeme MacDermid -- Economic and employment conditions, karoshi (work to death) and the trend of studies on workaholism in Japan / Atsuko Kanai -- Workaholic types : it’s not how hard you work but why and how you work hard / Ronald J. Burke -- Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde : on the differences between work engagement and workaholism / Wilmar B. Schaufeli, Toon W. Taris and Arnold B. Bakker -- Addressing work hours and workaholism -- "Decent working time" : balancing the needs of workers and employers / Jon Messenger -- The unlikely referral of workaholics to an employee assistance program / Gayle Porter and Robert A. Herring -- Career success and personal failure : a developing need to find balance / Ronald J. Burke and Teal McAteer-Early -- Exploring career and personal outcomes and the meaning of career -- Success among part-time professionals in organizations / Mary Dean Lee, Pamela Lirio, Fahri Karakas, Shelley M. MacDermid -- Michelle L. Buck, and Ellen Ernst Kassek -- Improving work-life balance : rebt for workaholic treatment / Charles Chen -- Spiritual leadership theory as a source for future theory, research and recovery for workaholism / Louis Fry, Laura L. Matherly and Steve Vitucci.