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Globalization and organization

World society and organizational change

Gili S. Drori, John W. Meyer og Hokyu Hwang

Oxford University Press 2006. 344 s. ISBN 0199284539
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Analyzes the spread of global standards and organizations in the management of society and business

Examines examples such as management education, corporate governance, accounting, and human resources

Strong inter-disciplinary appeal



Introduction: Globalization and Organization , Gili S. Drori, John W. Meyer, and Hokyu Hwang

Part I: Globalization and Expanded Models of the Organized Actor

1. World Society and the Organizaitonal Actor , John W. Meyer, Gili S. Drori, and Hokyu Hwang

2. Scientization: Making a World Safe for Organization , Gili S. Drori and John W. Meyer

3. Globalization and the Shifting Locus of Planning , Hokyu Hwang

4. Elaborated Models of Governance in State and Society , Gili Drori

Part II: Dimensions of Organizational Rationalization

5. The Worldwide Diffusion of Professional Management Education , Hyeyoung Moon

6. The Making and Expansion of International Standards of Corporate Management , Peter Mendel

7. Transparent Accounting as a World Societal Rule , Yong Suk Jang

8. The Development and Spread of a 'Human Resources' Culture , Rose Xiaowei Luo

9. Turning the University into an Organizational Actor , Georg Kruecken and Frank Meier

Summary and Conclusion: Organizations in a World Society , Gili S. Drori, John W. Meyer, and Hokyu Hwang