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Organisations, identities and the self

Janette Webb

Palgrave 2006. 248 s. ISBN 03333804872
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This book is a sociological account of the connections between organizations and people in them, looking at the social processes of self and identity. The text offers a fresh account of organizational life in an era of contemporary capitalist societies, dealing with both modernist and postmodernist perspectives. Drawing upon the latest research and data, this book provides an informative and international discussion of the central role of organizations in our lives and considers what they have done to us, and for us.

Understanding Organisations, Identities and the Self: A Conceptual Framework
Globalising Economies and Organisations
Organisations, Identities and Consumption
Public Service Re-Organisation, Work and Consumer Citizenship
Organisations and Global Divisions of Labour
Occupational Restructuring, Work and Social Divisions
We are the Company: Work, Control and Identity in the Organisations of Advanced Capitalism
Organisations are Us: Understanding Self-Identity in Organised Societies

JANETTE WEBB is Reader in Sociology at the University of Edinburgh, UK, and co-editor of The Changing Politics of Gender Equality. She is a Non-Executive Director of an NHS Scotland Health Board and has published articles in sociology, management studies and psychology journals.