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Corporate social responsibility. Volume 1

Concepts, accountability and reporting

José Allouche

Palgrave 2006. 408 s. ISBN 1403944121
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In recent years, the social role of the firm has come under increasing scrutiny. This has led to reflection on the nature of Corporate Social Responsibility, and questions concerning accountability, the regulatory environment and institutional framework. In this context the European Foundation for Management Development asked Professor Allouche to lead a project dedicated to the study of Corporate Social Responsibility. The first of two resulting volumes, this book reviews the accumulated knowledge on CSR and observes practices in economic, political and social circles. It includes twenty-five original contributions from reputed international experts on CSR concepts, accountability and reporting.

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Notes on the Contributors
Beyond Rhetoric: Making a Reality of Corporate Social Responsibility; J.D.Roberts
Rhetoric, Reality, and Relevance for Corporate Citizenship: Building a Bridge to Actionable Knowledge; S.Waddock
From Mortmain to Corporate Social Responsibility: The Historical Background; R.Sparkes
Corporate Sustainability and Sustainable Development: M.van Marrewijk
Globalization: Towards a Cross-National Model of Corporate Social Responsibility; P.Kletz & Y.Pesqueux
Towards a Business Relevant Research Approach to Business and Society; G.Lenssen & N.Dentchev
The Broadening Scope of Corporate Accountability: Some Unanswered Questions; M.L.Pava & J.Krausz
Corporate Responsibility and the Law; D.W.Hess
In Search of the 'Hard Law': Judicial Activism and International Corporate Social Responsibility; K.Medjad
Voluntary Disclosure of Non-Financial Information and Corporate Social Responsibility; J.Caby & J.Pinero
Theoretical and Practical Contributions of Social Accounting to Corporate Social Responsibility; B.O'Dwyer
Corporate Sustainability Reporting; R.Labelle, A.Schatt & B.Sinclair-Desgagné
Legal Obligations and Local Practices in Corporate Social Responsibility: O.Dubigeon
The Institutionalization of Corporate Social Responsibility in France: The State Injunction; J.Allouche, Bry, I.Huault & G.Schmidt
Institutional Acceptance of Corporate Social Responsibility; J.Igalens
Corporate Social Responsibility and Management Systems; Colle

Author Biographies
JOSÉ ALLOUCHE is Professor of HRM and Head of the Human Resources Department at the Institut d'Administration des Entreprises (IAE), Université Paris Sorbonne in France. A social/industrial economist, his research over the last twenty years has been on corporate performance. He has published widely on organization theory, family businesses and the measurement of corporate social performance.