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Challenge of organising and implementing corporate social responsibility

Jan Jonker og Marco de Witte

Palgrave 2006. 280 s. ISBN 1403942382
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There is an unmistakable yet 'fuzzy' societal, organizational and political movement often referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Often it emerges at the boundary of the business enterprise, expressed in changing relations with stakeholders and society at large. At a fundamental level, CSR appears to be a complex and multi-dimensional organizational phenomenon. This book elaborates and deepens the debate on Corporate Social Responsibility by exploring both the theoretical and practical aspects of organizing and implementing CSR within organizations. It captures and distils emerging implementation perspectives and unravels and demonstrates the possible changes and consequences of implementing CSR.

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Notes on the Contributors
Introduction; J.Jonker & Witte
The CSR Landscape: An Overview of Key Theoretical Issues and Concepts; D.Birchand & J.Jonker
Corporate Citizenship, Social Responsibility, and Sustainability: Corporate Colonialism for the New Millennium?; S.B. Banerjee
In Good Company: Reflections on the Changing Nature of the Contemporary Business Enterprise and its Embedded Value Systems; M.Schoemaker &J.Jonker
Social Capital and Corporate Social Responsibility; A.Habisch & J.Moon
An Anatomy of Corporate Social Responsibility: Causal Factors in CSR as a Social Movement and Business Practice; N.Roome, R-P.Doove & M.Postema
Reinventing Social Dialogue; R.Beckett & J.Jonker
Stakeholder Engagement: In and Beyond the Organization; D.Foster & J.Jonker
A New Direction for CSR: Engaging Networks for Whole System Change; A.Svendsen & M.Laberge
Learning to Be Responsible: Developing Competencies for Organization-wide CSR; A.Nijhof, Bruijn, O.Fisscher, J.Jonker, E.Karssing & M.Schoemaker
Standards for Corporate Social Responsibility; M.Göbbels
Implementing CSR: The Challenge of Change; M.Higgs
Corporate Social Responsibility as a Tailor- Made Search Process; J.M.Cramer & A.van der Heijden
The Enterprise Strategies of European Leaders in Corporate (Social) Responsibility; N.Roome & J.Jonker
Conclusion: The Real Challenges of Organising and Implementing CSR; J.Jonker & Witte

Author Biographies
JAN JONKER is Associate Professor and Research Fellow at the Nijmegen School of Management, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands. He has also run his own consultancy practice for over fifteen years. His research interest lies at the crossroad of management and corporate social responsibility, in particular in relation to the development of business strategy. He has written seven books, alone or with others, and published over a hundred articles.

MARCO DE WITTE is Associate Professor of Organization Design and Change Management at the Faculty of Management and Organization of the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, and partner at 'HGRV Consultants and Managers.' In lectures, research and consultancy projects he focuses on the alignment of strategic business positioning, organizational development and the implementation of change.