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Employment relations in a changing society

Assessing the post-fordist paradigm

Luis Enrique Alonso og Miguel Martínez Lucio

Palgrave 2006. 248 s. ISBN 0333970373
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This book evaluates three decades of change in employment and social regulation, questioning the paradigm of Post-Fordism as a stable development within contemporary capitalism. Bringing together leading commentators, it critiques the assumption that there is a new stable, decentralized regime of employment that is post-bureaucratic and flexible. The book asks four key questions. To what extent have labour markets changed? How has the state as a labour market player influenced such developments? How are changes in working relationships to be understood given changing gender relations and family structures? How has labour collectivism itself been re-shaped politically and institutionally?

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Notes on the Contributors
Introduction: Employment Relations in a Changing Society; M.Martinez Lucio
Fordism and the Genesis of the Post-Fordist Society: Assessing the Post-Fordist Paradigm; L.E.Alonso
Flexible Enterprises: An Analysis of their Institutional Standing; J.La Sierra
The Degradation of Employment in Spain: From the 'Salaried' Employment Norm to the 'Entrepreneurial' Employment Norm; C.Prieto
The Myth of Decentralisation and the New Labour Market; C.Forde & R.MacKenzie
Are We Moving Towards a Post-Fordist State? Full Employment of the European Workforce; D.Albarracín
Employability and the 'Flexible Economy': Some Considerations on the Politics and Contradictions of the European Employment Strategy; I.Greenwood & M.Stuart
Post-Fordism and Organisational Change within the State Administration; I.Kirkpatrick
Feminization and Inequality in the New Regime of Work: From Exclusion by Design to Exclusion by Default; J.Gardiner & M.Martinez Lucio
A Post-Fordist Consumption Norm? Social Fragmentation, Individualization and New Inequalities; L.E.Alonso
The Feminizationof Work, Changes in Family Structure and the Transformation of the Welfare State in the Post-Fordist Environment; G.Meil Landwerlin
Individualism and Collectivism in the Sociology of the Collective Worker; P.Stewart
Trade Unionism and the Realities of Change: Reframing the Language of Change; M.Martinez Lucio
Flexible Rigidities: A Model for Social Europe?; R.Hyman

Author Biographies
LUIS ENRIQUE ALONSO is a Professor of Sociology at the University Autonoma of Madrid and has worked on a variety of areas related to consumption, employment and regulation. He has also written on sociological theory including the work of Bordieu, Rifkin at el.

MIGUEL MARTINEZ LUCIO is Professor at the university of Bradford, UK. He works as a political sociologist within the area of employment and management. He has written on industrial relations, employment studies and economic regulation. The focus of his work is the transformation of regulation within employment relations.