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Globalization, uncertainty and men's careers

An international comparison

Hans-Peter Blossfeld og Melinda Mills

Edward Elgar 2006. 528 s. ISBN 185427289
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Globalization, argue the contributors to this book, has remarkably accelerated social and economic change in modern societies. One such change is manifested in the world of work and careers. This book explores whether the forces of globalization affect the erosion of standard career patterns of mid-career men in twelve OECD countries. Overwhelming evidence against the ‘individualization of inequality’ thesis is provided – it is argued that equality remains largely stratified by factors such as occupational class and educational level, and in some countries has even grown over time.

The contributors illustrate that globalization appears to have influenced the rise of ‘patchwork’ careers in countries where workers have been increasingly less protected by institutional configurations. These countries include Denmark, Mexico, The Netherlands, the UK and the US, as well as post-socialistic countries such as Hungary, Estonia and the Czech Republic. Interestingly, there is no evidence that men’s careers have become more erratic in Italy, Spain, Sweden or Germany. Nation-specific institutions, such as welfare regimes, education and training systems and employment relations remain key factors impacting on job mobility patterns.

Using empirical evidence to demonstrate how different policy approaches impact on the employment careers of individuals, this book will be invaluable to academics, students, researchers, practitioners and policymakers seeking to understand the effects of international social change on national contexts.