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The psychology of working

A new perspective for career development, counseling, and public policy

David Blustein

Lawrence Erlbaum 2006. 376 s. ISBN 0805858792
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In this original and major new work, David Blustein places working at the same level of attention for social and behavioral scientists and psychotherapists as other major life concerns, such as intimate relationships, physical and mental health, and socio-economic inequities. He also provides readers with an expanded conceptual framework within which to think about working in human development and human experience. As a result, this creative new synthesis enriches the discourse on working across the broad spectrum of psychology's concerns and agendas, and especially for those readers in career development, counseling, and policy-related fields. This textbook is ideal for use in graduate courses on counseling and work or vocational counseling.
Table of Contents
Contents: Preface. Psychology and the Experience of Working: A Blurred Focus That Is Sharpening. The Changing Nature of Work in the 21st Century. Working as a Means of Survival and Power. Working as a Means of Social Connection. Working as a Means of Self-Determination. Social Barriers and Working: Exploring Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Disability Status, Heterosexism, and Classism at Work. Implications of an Inclusive Psychology of Working for Research and Theory. Implications of an Inclusive Psychology of Working for Practice: Counseling and Psychotherapy. Toward an Inclusive Psychological Practice. Conclusion--The Future of the Psychology of Working.