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Women, employment and organizations

Judith Glover og Gill Kirton

Routledge 2006, 192 s. ISBN 9780415328388
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This book brings together the latest European and North American research on a series of key topics in the field of women's employment. Drawing on published and easily accessible statistics, it sets the topics in the appropriate policy contexts and systematically appraises them from the viewpoint of the challenges for the management of human resources. The book explores:

occupational segregation
the pay gap
work-life balance
part-time working
women, work and pensions
women in professional occupations
equality and diversity management
women and trade unions.
This is a highly useful book suitable for a wide range of courses including business studies, sociology, social policy and gender studies.

Table of Contents

1. Women, Employment and Organizations – Changes and Challenges 2. Gender Segregation 3. The Gender Pay Gap 4. Women and Part-Time Work 5. Women in the Professions and Management 6. From Equal Opportunities to Diversity Management 7. Work–Life Balance: Flexible Working? 8. Women and Trade Unions 9. Conclusion – Prospects for Women’s Employment