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Towards a longer worklife!

Ageing and the quality of worklife in the European Union

Juhani Ilmarinen

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health 2006, 467 s. ISBN 9518026858
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Research shows that the interest of the large generation of baby boomers in continuing in worklife depends more on the atmosphere of their workplace and their supervisors than on the size of their pension. Accordingly, the attitudes and methods of operation concerning ageing must be improved both in Finland and in the other European Union (EU) member states. Many aspects of worklife and attitudes should be changed, but there is very little time to achieve the needed changes, especially among the baby-boom generation.
An extended career has been promoted by reforms in the pension system and by several other actions in the EU member states during the beginning of the 21st century. Worklife has not, however, been extended as wished in several countries. New and more effective means are needed.
Several national programs were initiated in the 1990s and 2000s in Finland to improve the appeal of worklife and to keep ageing workers in worklife, projects that have provided ample knowledge that can be shared with other countries. This handbook compiles the essential parts of that information and experience into one presentation. It offers material for different agents to distribute information and offer training on age management. I also hope it will spark new projects and studies.
The most important force for change is the workplace
Workplaces will ultimately affect how the age challenge is received and how successfully practices will be changed. Together the employer and the worker form a team that can change age practices and methods of operation. International cooperation, states, governments, ministries and local organizations, research, insurance, rehabilitation and training institutions, and occupational health care and safety professionals create the requisites that help the ageing workforce to cope and motivation to be maintained in workplaces. They offer resources, training, information, and other support to ensure that the positive experiences that have been acquired are distributed as broadly as possible to improve workplace atmospheres and good results.