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Typology of knowledge, skills and comptences

Clarification of the concept and prototype

Jonathan Winterton

Office for Official Publications of the European Communities 2006, 131 s. ISBN 9289604271
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This study clarifies concepts, investigates classifications and typologies applied in Member States and advises the credit transfer technical working group on descriptors for learning outcomes. A prototype typology applicable for credit accumulation and transfer should be developed as a practical result. Use of the term 'competence' is shown to be ambiguous and applicable to various situations with different meanings. This term needs careful specification and interpretation if it is to be properly understood. Countries or regions have their own definition of competence and each sector or occupational family has its own interpretation. Outcomes of learning cannot be described by using this term only. We have to add knowledge and skills or, as the authors propose, use terms such as cognitive competence, functional competence or meta-competence, understood as personal and social-attitudinal competence, to encompass the necessary knowledge and skills.