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Managing human resources in Europe

A thematic approach

Henrik Holt Larsen og Wolfgang Mayrhofer

Routledge 2006, 281 s. ISBN 9780415351010
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This informative text provides an analysis of the ten most important themes in European HRM. It takes a thematic yet critical approach and includes three distinct country examples in each chapter, and special attention to dilemmas, controversies, paradoxes and problems in the field. The major themes covered here are clustered in four broad categories:

  • the role of the institutional context (‘looking outside’), analyzing the significance of the European Union for HRM issues, deregulation, especially the tension between flexibility and security at the organizational and individual level and the changes in employment relations
  • the importance of various organizational forms for HRM (‘looking inside’), discussing the specifics of HRM in multinational corporations, small and medium sized enterprises and not-for-profit organizations
  • the roles and contributions of HRM within the organization (‘looking at oneself’), considering the necessities and limits of measuring HRM outputs and contributions, the link between HRM and organizational performance and the various roles of HR professionals
  • the impact of societal macro-trends on HRM (‘looking beyond’), examining diversity and diversity management and virtual HRM.

Written and edited by leading European authorities, this text is essential reading for all those studying or working in HRM in Europe, and allows an exciting synthesis of theory and practice, illustrated with living case studies.