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National identity and the varieties of capitalism

Comparative essays that analyze the success of Denmark's national political economy

John L. Campbell, John A. Hall og Ove K. Pedersen

McGill-Queen's University Press 2006, 525 s. ISBN 0773529977
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

Denmark has out-performed most other advanced capitalist countries since the mid-1980s Contributors to National Identity and the Varieties of Capitalism draw from the literature on capitalism and small states and corporatism to explore why this is the case. They find that Danish political and economic institutions facilitate bargaining and consensus building in ways that have enabled the state, businesses, and labour unions to adapt to the challenges of globalization. Moreover, by virtue of its small size, homogeneous population, and response to a variety of international challenges - both economic and geopolitical - Denmark has developed a strong national identity that further bolsters consensus building. The result has been an adaptable and flourishing national political economy.
Contributors include Peter Abrahamson (University of Copenhagen), Peter A. Hall (Harvard), Ulf Hedetoft (University of Aalborg), Lars Bo Kaspersen (Copenhagen Business School), Peter J. Katzenstein (Cornell University), Morten Kelstrup (University of Copenhagen), Ove Korsgaard (Danish University of Education), Peer Hull Kristensen (Copenhagen Business School), Per Kongshøj Madsen (University of Aalborg), Cathie Jo Martin (Boston University), Kevin H. O'Rourke (Trinity College Dublin), Uffe Østergård (University of Aarhus), and Hjalte Rasmussen (University of Copenhagen).
John L. Campbell is professor of sociology, Dartmouth College.
John A. Hall is dean, Faculty of Arts, McGill University.
Ove K. Pedersen is director and professor, International Center for Business and Politics, Denmark
1 Denmark: A Big Small State – The Peasant Roots of Danish Modernity / 51
Uffe Østergård
2 The Formation and Development of the Welfare State / 99
Lars Bo Kaspersen
3 The Danish Way to Establish the Nation in the Hearts of the People / 133
Ove Korsgaard
4 Late Nineteenth-Century Denmark in an Irish Mirror: Land Tenure, Homogeneity, and the Roots of Danish Success / 159
Kevin H. O’Rourke

5 Constitutional Laxity and International High Economic Performance: Is There a Nexus? / 197
Hjalte Rasmussen
6 Corporatism and Beyond: The Negotiated Economy / 245
Ove K. Pedersen
7 Corporatism in the Post-Industrial Age: Employers and Social Policy in the Little Land of Denmark / 271
Cathie Jo Martin
8 Business Systems in the Age of the “New Economy”: Denmark Facing the Challenge / 295 Peer Hull Kristensen

9 How Can It Possibly Fly? The Paradox of a Dynamic Labour Market in a Scandinavian Welfare State / 321
Per Kongshøj Madsen
10 Welfare Reform: Renewal or Deviation? / 356
Peter Abrahamson
11 Denmark in the Process of European Integration: Dilemmas, Problems, and Perspectives / 375
Morten Kelstrup
12 More Than Kin and Less Than Kind: The Danish Politics of Ethnic Consensus and the Pluricultural Challenge / 398
Ulf Hedetoft

13 Denmark and Small States / 431
Peter J. Katzenstein
14 Danish Capitalism in Comparative Perspective / 441
Peter A. Hall
15 Denmark: An Ongoing Experiment / 453
Ove K. Pedersen