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Working Life in Denmark

Researchers and experts. 2006

Jørgen Burchardt

Centre for Studies in Working Life/University Press of Southern Denmark 2006, 122 p. ISSBN 8791573106
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

Research in the life, relations, and working conditions of people at work has developed extensively in the last decade. Our understanding of the important impact that occupational hazards and working conditions in general have upon our health, mental well-being, workability, identity, and family life is constantly expanding. At the same time, researchers and practitioners are gaining valuable experiences about how strain and hazardous exposures can be prevented and how people can develop and take part in improving working conditions. This remarkable development has made it obvious that important knowledge and experience of working life cannot be restricted to a few professions or fields of research; furthermore, that important research is conducted in cross disciplinary and multidisciplinary research teams. Previous research was divided into rather strict, separated research fields such as occupational medicine, psychology, the history of the working class, social relations, and labour market development. Currently we find research that is integrating theory and methodology and is based on cooperation among researchers with very different backgrounds.
This places a new demand upon the research communities and associations to establish links across former borders. It is therefore with great pleasure that we can present this first inventory of the vast and diversified group of Danish researchers and resource persons within the complex field of working life. Given the opportunity to launch this mapping, we assessed that the register would comprise approximately 200 researchers, but to our pleasant surprise we found that more than 500 researcher and practitioners had to be enclosed because they represent essential knowledge and experiences within the field. As a whole the register represents an enormous empirical and theoretical understanding of working life in Danish enterprises and public institutions and the development of the labour market.
With this register it will be possible for journalists, professionals, and fellow researchers to easily access exactly those experts that can contribute with the knowledge and experiences they might need.
The register is designed with a portrait and a brief presentation of the individual researchers, including workplace, affiliations, ongoing projects, as well as important and illustrative publications.