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Organizational knowledge

The texture of workplace learning

Sylvia Gherardi og Davide Nicolini

Blackwell Publishing, 2006, xxiii + 265 s., ISBN 1-4051-2559-4

This book makes an important contribution to our understanding of practice-based organizational learning and knowing.

  • Based on the author's detailed study of safety practices in different corporate settings.
  • The author uses this study to empirically describe how learning, knowing and organizing are practised.
  • Centred on the concepts of "knowing in practice" and the "texture" of organizational knowledge.
  • Gives a rich account of how organizations learn and how corporate practices and policies evolve.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 From Organizational Learning to Knowing in Practice
Chapter 2 The Texture of Knowing in Practice
Chapter 3.On Becoming a Practitioner
Chapter 4.Knowing in a Community of Practitioners
Chapter 5 Knowing across Communities
Chapter 6 Knowing Within an Organization While Mending the Texture of Practices
Chapter 7 Knowing Within a Field of Practices
Chapter 8 The Mutual Constitution of Practice and Practicing, Knowledge and Knowing