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Institutionalisering af sikkerhed i byggebranchen

Johnny Dyreborg

Arbejdsmiljøinstitutettet 2006. 389 s.
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

Enterprises do not only follow legal, technical or market requirements, they also, increasingly, have to live up to ethical, ecological, religious or social responsibilities. From the perspective of this dissertation, this is conveyed through the emergence of new institutionalised relations between enterprises and environments. To the extent that these institutions also include central norms, values, beliefs and accepted action patterns related to safety at work, this could possibly challenge current principles and practices related to health and safety at work. This dissertation examines how requirements from the environment related to health and safety at work are being institutionalised in the building industry.
The dissertation investigates the following general problem statement: Work safety has primarily been an issue between employer and employees in the enterprises, supplemented by governmental inspection and control of building sites, yet the environment increasingly attributes social responsibility to the building industry. How do building enterprises deal with environmental demands related to work safety, and what are the consequences for the enterprises’ internal handling of safety matters.