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Using biographical and life history approaches in the study of adult and lifelong learning

European perspectives

Linden West, Peter Alheit, Anders Siig Andersen og Barbara Merrill

Peter Lang 2007, 310 s. ISBN 9783631562864
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This book illuminates the rich and creative uses of biographical and life history approaches in studying adult and lifelong learning, in diverse ways and settings, across many European countries. It draws on the work of internationally known scholars - under the auspices of the European Society for Research on the Education of Adults (ESREA) - and encompasses learning in the workplace, in families, communities, schools, colleges and universities, as well as in the professions, and in managing processes of migration and building new social movements. The reader will discover, in these pages, a compelling chronicle of the interplay of learning across people's lives - formal, informal and intimate - and how to make sense of this, using interdisciplinary perspectives. The book will speak to researchers - new and experienced - and educators and other professionals wanting to extend their understanding of learners and learning as well as the potential of this 'family' of research methods.

Contents: Linden West/Peter Alheit/Anders Siig Andersen/Barbara Merrill: Introduction: Why this Book, and Why Now? - Linden West/Barbara Merrill/Peter Alheit/Agnieszka Bron/Anders Siig Anderson/Edmée Ollagnier: Biographical Approaches and their Development in National Contexts - Peter Alheit/Bettina Dausien: Lifelong Learning and Biography: A Competitive Dynamic Between the Macro- and the Micro Level of Education - Barbara Merrill: Recovering Class and the Collective in the Stories of Adult Learners - Kirsten Weber: Gender, between the Knowledge Economy and Every Day Life - Edmée Ollagnier: Challenging gender with life history - Henning Salling Olesen: Professional Identities, Subjectivity, and Learning: Be(com)ing a General Practitioner - Anders Siig Andersen/Rebecca Savery Trojaborg: Life History and Learning in Working Life - Nod Miller: Developing an auto/biographical imagination - Marianne Horsdal: Therapy and narratives of self - Agnieszka Bron: Learning, Language and Transition - Linden West: An Auto/biographical Imagination: The Radical Challenge of Families and their Learning - Pierre Dominicé: Educational Biography as a Reflective Approach to the Training of Adult Educators - Tom Schuller/John Preston/Cathie Hammond: Mixing Methods to Measure Learning Benefits - Linden West/Barbara Merrill/Anders Siig Andersen/Kirsten Weber/Henning Salling Olesen: Biographical and Life History Approaches: Commonalities and Differences in the Study of Adult and Lifelong Learning.