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Women, men, work and family in Europe

Rosemary Crompton, Suzan Lewis og Clare Lyonette

Palgrave 2007, 288 s. ISBN 9781403987198
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Increasing numbers of women, including mothers, in employment has become a major European objective, for reasons of both gender equality and economic regeneration. Their past allocation to the home may not have been fair to women, but it did ensure that caring and domestic work was achieved. The new scenario has brought with it considerable social change, including the erosion of the 'traditional' family, declining fertility, and growing problems of work-life 'balance'. An international team of expert authors addresses these topics, drawing on original quantitative and qualitative research materials from Britain, France, The Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Portugal. Many of the chapters undertake comparative analysis, drawing on evidence from these countries, thereby facilitating a realistic evaluation of the policy options available. Wider questions, including the consequence of these changes for gender and class inequalities, are also addressed.
Notes on Contributors
Introduction: The Unravelling of the 'Male Breadwinner' Model - and Some of its Consequences; R.Crompton, S.Lewis & C.Lyonette
Evolutions and Approaches to Equitable Divisions of Paid Work and Care in Three European Countries: A Multi-Level Challenge; R.Gambles, S.Lewis & R.Rapoport
Social Policy in Europe: Its Impact on Families and Work; L.Den Dulk & A.Van Doorne-Huiskes
Fertility Rates and Mothers' Employment Behaviour in Comparative Perspective: Similarities and Differences in Six European Countries; J.Fagnani
Fertility Decline, The Postponement of Childbearing and the Increase in Childlessness in Central and Eastern Europe: A Gender Equity Approach; H.Haskova
Main Patterns in Attitudes to the Articulation Between Work and Family Life: A Cross-National Analysis; K.Wall
Occupational Class, Country and the Domestic Division of Labour; R.Crompton & C.Lyonette
Gender, Social Class and Work-Life Balance in the New Economy; D.Perrons, L.Mcdowell, C.Fagan, K.Ray & K.Ward
Care Capital, Stress and Satisfaction; A.Anttonen & J.Sipilä
The Workplace as an Arena for Negotiating the Work-Family Boundary: A Case Study of Two Swedish Social Services Agencies; M.Bäck-Wiklund & L.Plantin
Women's Occupational Patterns and Work-Family Arrangements: Do National and Organisational Policies Matter?; M.Das Dores Guerreiro & I.Pereira
Employment, The Family and 'Work-Life Balance' in France; N.Le Feuvre & C.Lemarchant
Continuities, Change and Transformations; R.Crompton, S.Lewis & C.Lyonette
Author Biographies
ROSEMARY CROMPTON is Professor of Sociology at City University, London UK.

SUZAN LEWIS is Professor of Organizational Psychology at Middlesex University, UK. She co-ordinated a recently completed EU Framework Five project, Gender, Parenthood and the Changing Workplace (Transitions) and is a partner in a new EU project on Quality of Life in a Changing Europe.

CLARE LYONETTE is a Research Officer at City University, London, UK.

Rosemary and Clare are currently working on a project in the ESRC Gender Network which involves both qualitative and quantitative methods to map the work and family careers of men and women in four different occupational sectors.