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Voice, visibility and the gendering of organizations

Ruth Simpson og Patricia Lewis

Palgrave 2007, 144 s. ISBN 9781403990570
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Voice, Visibility and the Gendering of Organizations examines how gender is linked to organizations and accounts for the differences in the experiences of men and women in the world of work. The book is structured around the two interrelated concepts of visibility and voice, which are the key themes in the gender/organization literature.
Introducing Voice and Visibility in Gender and Organization Studies
Women's Voices: A 'Surface' State of Absence and Neglect
Visibility: A Surface State of Exclusion and Difference
Deep Conceptualizations of Voice: Silencing within and through Discourse
Deep Conceptualizations of Invisibility
Exploring Masculinity Studies through Voice and Visibility
Overview and an Application of the Framework
Author Biographies
RUTH SIMPSON is a Professor in Management and the Head of Research for the Business and Management Division at the Brunel Business School at Brunel University, Uxbridge, UK.

PATRICIA LEWIS is a Senior Lecturer in the Brunel Business School at Brunel University, Uxbridge, UK.