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Flexibility & stability in working life

Bengt Furaker, Kristina Hakansson og Jan Karlsson

Palgrave 2007, 256 s., ISBN 9780230013643

Flexibility is an ambiguous concept and its theoretical clarity is lacking. Large parts of the literature on the subject are prescriptive and ideological rather than empirical and analytical. This book contributes both theoretically and empirically to expound the importance of clearer concepts in the international and national debates on economic systems, labour markets, work organizations, and experiences of work. The authors place 'flexibility' in a new theoretical concept as juxtaposed to 'stability'. By relating these concepts to each other it is possible to open up a perspective in which flexibility as well as stability is wanted by someone. Moreover, flexibility may mean instability for another, while stability may imply inflexibility for another. Much terminological confusion and ambiguity are cleared up by this suggestion.
Reclaiming the Concept of Flexibility; B.Furaker, K.Hakansson & J.Ch.Karlsson
For Whom is Flexibility Good and Bad? An Overview; J.Ch.Karlsson
Flexibility, Stability and Related Concepts; D.Jonsson
Britain's Flexible Labour Force: New Barriers to Individual Employment Rights; A.Pollert
Flexibility's New Clothes: A Historical Perspective on the Public Discussion in Sweden; A.K.Engstrand
Large Corporations and the Emergence of a Flexible Economic System: Some Recent Developments in the UK; S.Ackroyd
Temporary Agency Work in the European Union - Ecopnomic Rationale and Equal Treatment; D.Storrie
Flexibility, Stability and Agency Work: A Comparison of the Use of Agency Work in Sweden and the UK; K.Hakansson & T.Isidorsson
Flexible Work Situations and Employees' Thoughts of Leaving the Organization; T.Berglund
Type of Employment Contract and Attitudes to Flexibility: An Analysis of Data from Three Swedish Surveys; B.Furaker
Time-related Flexibility and Stability for Employees; D.Jonsson
Author Biographies
BENGT FURAKER is Professor at the Department of Sociology, Goteborg University, Sweden.
KRISTINA HAKANSSON is Assistant Professor at the department of Sociology, Goteborg University, Sweden.
JAN CH KARLSSON is Professor of Sociology at the Department of Working Life Science, Karlstad University College, Sweden.