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Comparative Perspectives on Employment and Labour Relations in the European Private Sector Services

Jon Erik Dølvik

Peter Lang AG og SALTSA 2001, 556 s. ISBN 90-5201-940-1
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The dynamics and implications of employment growth in private sector services have become a key issue in the debate on labour market organisation, social regulation and welfare policies in Western Europe. While expansion of private services is considered crucial to fight unemployment and social exclusion, the private services are often associated with social polarisation, untamed flexibility, and erosion of the standard employment relationship, trade unionism and collective bargaining - confronting the social and political actors with difficult dilemmas. In view of the limited knowledge about developments in services labour markets, the aim of this book is, on the basis of eleven country studies, to provide a comparative overview of main trends in the pattern of employment and labour relations in private sector services in Western Europe. The analyses emphasise the heterogeneity of the private sector services, reveal significant diversity across countries, and caution against the notion of a universal de-standardisation of service employment, underscoring the importance of institutions in shaping national trajectories of employment growth in services. Particular attention is paid to the challenges facing trade unions in meeting the diverse and changing aspirations of the workforce in private sector services.

Contents: Contents: Jon Erik Dølvik: Determinants of Service Employment: A Comparative Overview of the Issues - Gerhard Bosch: Germany: A «Service Gap»? - Jeremy Waddington: United Kingdom: Restructuring Services within a Deregulated Regime - Coyan Tromp/Leni Beukema: The Dutch «Poldermodel»: A Flexible Success-story - Jens Lind: Denmark: Private Service Growth - Towards a New Trajectory for Employment and Regulation? - Joe Wallace/Donal A. Dineen/Michelle O'Sullivan: Ireland: The Contribution of the Services Sector to the Irish Employment Miracle - Sabine Blaschke: Austria: Corporatist Regulation of Service Labour Markets - Anna M. Ponzellini/Elena Provenzano: Italy: The Services Sector - Towards a More Inclusive and Flexible Labour Market? - Christèle Meilland/Christian Dufour: Services in France: Heterogeneity of Employment Systems within Common Institutional Frames - Sofia Murhem: Sweden: Stability in a Turbulent Environment - Frode Longva: Norway: Private Sector Services - A Challenge to Centralised Co-ordination - Petri Böckerman: The Services Sector in Finland: A Nordic Lilliputian - Jon Erik Dølvik: The Impact of Post-industrialisation on Employment and Labour Relations - A Comparative Review.

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author(s)/editor(s): The Editor: Jon Erik Dølvik is Research Director at the Fafo Institute of Labour and Social Research, Oslo, member of the editorial panel of European Journal of Industrial Relations and the editorial committee of Transfer - European Review of Labour and Research. He has published numerous books and articles on European industrial relations and trade unionism.