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Consensus, Cooperation And Conflict

The Policy Making Process in Denmark

Henning Jørgensen

Edward Elgar Publ. 2002, 320 s. ISBN 1 84064 091 X
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Denmark is regarded by many as a model European country. In a short space of time unemployment rates have more than halved, inflation has remained low and the welfare state has not only been consolidated but improved. A new policy-mix has proved to be effective, but what exactly does it entail?

This path-breaking book provides an historical, systematic analysis of Danish policy developments, taking a critical, post-positivist approach. It highlights the internal lines of conflict but also demonstrates the co-operative nature of Danish decision-makers. The author describes and explains the individual policy-style evident in several different arenas including the economy, the labour market, health, education, agriculture and modernisation. The analysis shows that much can be learned and applied from the Danish policy making and implementation experiences. Providing a comprehensive overview of the Danish welfare system, the author demonstrates that although Denmark may not have realised ‘the third way’, it has in fact found its own unique way.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contents: Preface 1. Policy in Denmark – Model and Analysis 2. Organizing Politics and Administration in Denmark 3. The Danish Municipalities – Between Central Government and Local Governance 4. From Administration Policy to Modernization Policy 5. General Economic Policies 6. Welfare System and Social Policy 7. Health Care Policy 8. Labour Market Policies 8. Labour Market Policies 9. Educational Policy 10. Agricultural Policy 11. Conclusion: Denmark as a Model Country? References Index

With contributions from: Lene Dalsgaard, Karin Hansen, Jan Holm Ingemann, Peter Kragh Jespersen, Flemming Larsen and Morten Lassen, Aalborg University