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Globalisation and business ethics

Karl Homann, Peter Koslowski og Christoph Luetge

Ashgate 2007, 256 s. ISBN 0754648176
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Globalization has become a common phenomenon, yet one that many people experience as a threat not only to their economic existence, but also to their cultural and moral self-image. This volume takes an interdisciplinary approach to provide a theoretical overview of how business ethics deals with the phenomenon of globalization.

The authors first examine the origins and development of globalization and its interaction with business ethics, before discussing the impact on and role of national and multinational corporations. The book goes on to examine the relationship between industrialized and developing countries, and explores the place of ethics in globalized markets.


Introduction; Part I Globalisation: Concepts and Problems: Globalisation from a business ethics point of view, Karl Homann; Concepts of globalisation: the institutional prerequisites for the integration of world markets, Michael Ehret, Michaela Haase and Martin Kaluza; Diagnoses of our time: theoretical approaches to the globalised age, Manfred Prisching; Globalisation as a gendered process: a differentiated survey on feminist and postcolonial perspectives, Silvia Bauer and Tatjana Schönwälder- Kuntze. Part II Globalisation, Business and Corporate Governance: Globalisation of corporate governance: the difficult process of bringing about European Union internal and external corporate governance principles, Klaus J. Hopt; Transparency and integrity: contrary concepts?, Frits Schipper; Tangible ethics: commitments in business organisations, Eberhard Schnebel and Margo A. Bienert. Part III Global Justice: A theory of global justice focussing on absolute poverty, Elke Mack; Just relations between North and South in international financial markets, Bernhard Emunds; Access to essential medicines: global justice beyond equality, Georg Marckmann and Matthis Synofzik. Part IV Globalisation, Philosophy and Culture: Social glue under conditions of globalisation: philosophers on essential normative resources, Christoph Luetge; Sovereignty of interpretation: a dubious model of cultural globalisation, Michael Neuner; Business ethics in globalised financial markets, Peter Koslowski; Name index; Subject index.

'Offers an extensive and probing ethical analysis of economic globalisation. This innovative and highly informative book on globalisation and business ethics will set the tone for the debate on this important issue in the coming years, and will be an invaluable source of information for everyone committed to the global economic responsibilities of businesses and governments.'
Ron Jeurissen, Nyenrode Business Universiteit/ European Institute for Business Ethics, The Netherlands

About the Author/Editor
Karl Homann is Professor and Chair for Philosophy and Economics at the University of Munich, Germany. Peter Koslowski is Professor of Philosophy, especially Philosophy of Management and Organizations and History of Philosophy, at the Free University Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Christoph Luetge is Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy, and Chair for Philosophy and Economics at the University of Munich, Germany.