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Sex discrimination in the workplace

Multidisciplinary perspectives

Faye J. Crosby

Blackwell Publishing 2007, 375 s. ISBN 140513450x
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Written by prominent experts, the chapters in this timely volume provide an innovative and cohesive look at the research, theory, and practical issues surrounding sex discrimination in the workplace. The first section gives detailed and thorough guidance to employers who wish to avoid litigation and to individuals who are considering litigation. Section Two contains riveting first-hand accounts from plaintiffs, lawyers, and expert witnesses who have mounted battles against sex discriminatory employers. Section Three grounds the practical and the personal accounts in the broad and deep scholarship that tracks the extent and the nature of sex discrimination in the American workplace. Authoritative analyses from the nation's leading social scientists and legal scholars allow the reader to understand how psychologists, sociologists, economists, and legal scholars approach issues of sex discrimination. Given what we know about the dynamics of sex discrimination, what strategies can we use to eradicate it? The final section is devoted to solutions and contains some surprising answers. "Sex Discrimination in the Workplace" is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to gain a better understanding of precisely what sex discrimination is and what can be done to combat it.