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Age dsicrimination in employment

Malcolm Sargeant

Gower Publishing 2007, 242 s. ISBN 9780566087745
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Increased life expectancy and an ageing workforce have highlighted the problem of age discrimination in developed countries. Malcolm Sargeant's Age Discrimination in Employment is an encyclopedic guide for HR specialists and employment lawyers to the nature of age discrimination in the workplace in a number of countries, along with a discussion of the main thrust of employment law in this area, including an analysis of the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006.

The book opens with a consideration of what age discrimination is and how it manifests itself at the workplace and elsewhere. It also breaks discrimination down by age (discrimination against young, middle, old and senior age employees) and explores multiple discrimination, including age and gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and disability. An important reference for HR departments, policy-makers and others concerned with organizational culture and development, discrimination, and social policy.

Age discrimination; United Kingdom perspectives; European perspectives and the Framework Directive; Age discrimination at work; Retirement; Experiences in other countries; Multiple discrimination; The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006; Bibliography; Index.

About the Author
Malcolm Sargeant is Professor of Labour Law at Middlesex University, UK, and author/ co-author of Employment Law (Third Edition) 2005, Essentials of Employment Law (Eighth Edition) 2004, Questions and Answers on Employment Law (Second Edition) 2006, Consultation with Employees 2002, Transfers 2002, Maternity and Parental Leave 2000, and Age Discrimination in Employment 1999.