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Diversity management and discrimination

Immigrants and ethnic minorities in the EU

John Wrench

Ashgate 2007, 166 s. ISBN 9780754648901
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What can diversity management offer those concerned with ethnic inequality, racial discrimination, and issues of social and economic inclusion and exclusion? In this book John Wrench traces the emergence of diversity management in the US in the late 1980s, and explores its subsequent development in Europe. He outlines the various critiques of diversity management that have been suggested both by academics and equality activists and highlights recent issues and trends that should be monitored by those concerned with racial and ethnic equality in employment.

In particular, Wrench examines whether diversity management can be seen as a ‘soft option’ in terms of combating racism and discrimination, or instead, a new way of mainstreaming anti-discrimination measures. He also addresses the important question of whether the development of diversity management in Europe will follow a relatively uniform trajectory because of common demographic, economic and market pressures, or whether the historical, cultural and institutional differences which exist between EU countries, and between the EU and the US, will have a determining impact on the adoption, content and operation of this particular management practice.


Introducing the issues; Diversity management in the USA; The background to diversity management in Europe; Convergence and constraints in European diversity practice; An overview of critiques of diversity management; Diversity management and anti-discrimination; Diversity and the future; Bibliography; Index.

About the Author/Editor
John Wrench, University of Southern Denmark, where he is Associate Professor in the Unit of Health Promotion Research. He joined the University of Southern Denmark in 1996, researching employment issues with regard to ethnic minorities in comparative European perspective, as well as teaching courses on diversity management.