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Public administration in transition

Theory, practice, methodology

Gunnar Gjelstrup og Eva Sørensen

DJØF's forlag 2007, 366 s. ISBN 9788757413588
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

Within the field of public administration the period from the mid-1970s until today has been turbulent. The organisational forms, the role perceptions, and the praxis of public administrations in the Western world have changed radically, and so have the theoretical questions and approaches of public administration research. These changes are analysed with a specific focus on four major research themes: (1) post-modern public administration, (2) neo-institutionalism, (3) fragmented local governance and (4) method and methodology.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
By Gunnar Gjelstrup and Eva Sørensen

PART I. Post modern public administration
By Gunnar Gjelstrup and Eva Sørensen
Chapter 2. Deliberative Public Administration: The Discourse Alternative to Neo-Tribalism in Multicultural Societies
By Dragan Stanisevski and Hugh T. Miller
Chapter 3. The Argumentative Turn in Public Policy: Deliberation as Postpositivist Practice
By Frank Fischer
Chapter 4. Postmodern Public Administration: liberal promise, or subtle control?
By Jacob Torfing
Chapter 5. Public administration as metagovernance
By Eva Sørensen

PART II. Neo-institutionalism
By Gunnar Gjelstrup and Eva Sørensen
Chapter 6. Institutions and Governance
By B. Guy Peters
Chapter 7. Towards a more dynamic policy analysis
By Thorsten Flugt and Gunnar Gjelstrup
Chapter 8. Public Administration Theory and Public Administration Change
By Lennart Lundquist
Chapter 9. The Bureaucratic Actor in Late Modernity: Pragmatic or Ambiguous?
By Lotte Jensen

PART III. Fragmented Local Governance
By Gunnar Gjelstrup and Eva Sørensen
Chapter 10. Role diversity in the management of local service institutions
By Karina Sehested
Chapter 11. Framing Network Style Interactions in Local Governance: Three Narratives
By Gary S. Marshall, with Eric Buske
Chapter 12. Community Networks and Power in Los Angeles: Implementation of Neighbourhood Governance Reform
By Juliet Ann Musso
Chapter 13. Governance as Vital Interaction Dealing With Ambiguity in Interactive Decision-Making
By Pieter Tops and Frank Hendriks

PART IV. Method and methodology: pragmatism, interactive research and narratives
By Gunnar Gjelstrup and Eva Sørensen
Chapter 14. Pragmatist Philosophy and Interactive Research
By Chris Ansell
Chapter 15. Interaction Research
By Sandra Kensen
Chapter 16. Constructing narrative health policies
By Anne Reff Pedersen
Chapter 17. Conclusion: Public administration theory and practice in transition
By Gunnar Gjelstrup and Eva Sørensen

Appendix on Peter Bogason's Academic Work
By Thorsten Flugt