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Trade union revitalisation

Trends and prospects in 34 countries

Craig Phelan

Peter Lang 2007, 582 s. ISBN 9783039110094
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Although trade unionism has been declining in virtually every part of the world, its continued demise is not a foregone conclusion. As it has throughout its history, trade unionism has demonstrated a capacity to adapt, to make its voice heard, to reassert its power. The scale and scope of experimentation taking place in the labour movement today is testimony not just to the depth of the crisis but also to the possibility of resurgence in the years ahead. This book is an essential resource for anyone wishing to know about contemporary labour issues. It offers a comprehensive introduction to the state of trade unionism in the world today, and the often innovative strategies and tactics trade unionists are using to revive their organisations in each of the major nations of the world. Leading labour scholars discuss, in clear prose, the health of the trade union movement, the present political and economic climate for trade union advancement, the dominant revitalisation strategies, and future prospects in each nation. Each chapter includes an up-to-date guide to further reading.
Contents: Craig Phelan: Worldwide Trends and Prospects for Trade Union Revitalisation - Dan Clawson/Mary Ann Clawson: US Unions and Revitalisation Strategies in the Neo-Liberal Era - Charlotte A.B. Yates: Missed Opportunities and Forgotten Futures: Why Union Renewal in Canada Has Stalled - Graciela Bensusán: Trade Unionism in Mexico: Current Situation and Obstacles to Renewal - José Ricardo Ramalho: Trade Unions and Politics in Brazil - Maurizio Atzeni/Pablo Ghigliani: The Resilience of Traditional Trade Union Practices in the Revitalisation of the Argentine Labour Movement - Héctor Lucena: Trade Unionism in Venezuela: The Current Situation - Volker Frank: The Difficult Road for Trade Unionism in Chile - Peter Fairbrother: Trade Union Revitalisation: Trends and Prospects in the United Kingdom - Sylvie Contrepois: Shifting Patterns in French Trade Unionism - Martin Behrens/Michael Fichter/Carola M. Frege: Trade Union Revitalisation in Germany - Leni Beukema: Trade Union Revitalisation in the Netherlands - Kerstin Hamann/Miguel Martinez Lucio: Trade Union Revitalisation in Spain - Alan Stoleroff: Portuguese Trade Unionism: Dilemmas and Prospects - Valeria Pulignano: Understanding the Changing Influence of Trade Unions in Contemporary Italy - Sabine Blaschke: Austria: Corporatist Unionism in Crisis - Anders Kjellberg: The Swedish Trade Union System in Transition: High but Falling Union Density - Jens Lind: Trade Unions in Denmark: Still Victorious? - David Ost: Trade Union Revitalisation in Poland: Trends and Prospects - Sarah Ashwin: Russian Trade Unions: Stuck in Soviet-Style Subordination? - Martin Myant: Trade Unions in the Czech Republic - Miroslav Stanojevic: Trade Unions in Slovenia - Paul Kubicek: Trade Unions in Ukraine - Georgeta Ghebrea: Reinventing Trade Unions in Romania: Building Legitimacy in a Changing Society - László Neumann: The State of Trade Unionism in Hungary - Edward Webster/Sakhela Buhlungu: The State of Trade Unionism in South Africa - Piet Konings: Trade Unionism in Cameroon: From Crisis to Revitalisation? - Itzhak Harpaz: The State of Trade Unionism in Israel - Gamze Yücesan-Özdemir/Ali Murat Özdemir: Trade Unionism in Turkey - Anibel Ferus-Comelo: Unions in India at Critical Crossroads - Bill Taylor/Qi Li: The All China Federation of Trade Unions: Present Role, Trends and Prospects - John Salmon: Union Organising: the Case of Japan - Doowon Suh: Korean Labour in Crisis - Michele Ford: Indonesia's New Unions - Gerard Griffin: Australian Unions: Still in Crisis.