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Management communication

Communicative ethics and action

Thomas Klikauer

Palgrave Macmillan 2008, 336 s. ISBN 9780230515666
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As managerial work regimes move continuously towards post-industrialism, forms of communication change with it. Work relationships are increasingly becoming communicative relationships. Given the prevalence of asymmetrical power relations based on managerial structures of domination at work, today's communication shows signs of distortions. To end communicative distortions a fundamental restructuring of managerial communication is required. Seeking to solve this problem, this book establishes a new hands-on model of communication that will set up workable and practical communication forums.
Introduction: Communication in Management, Work and Society
Communication I: Basics and Contexts
Communication II: Signs and Meanings
Distorted Communication I: Classifications
Distorted Communication II: Ideologies
Distorted Communication III: Hegemonies
Distorted Communication IV: Culture, Rhetoric and Meetings
Distorted Communication V: Persuasion, Attitudes and Responses
Communicative Action I: The Basics of Ideal Speech
Communicative Action II: Ethics and Communication
Communicative Action III: The Two Logics of Work Relations
Communicative Action IV: The Two Logics of Communication
Communicative Action V: Communicative Ethics at Work
Practical Conclusions

Author Biographies
THOMAS KLIKAUER has completed two MAs and a PhD, as well as an appointment in the field of Industrial Relations at the University of Western Sydney. The publication of Communication, Management and Work led to more concentrated work on communication at work with distortions and communicative action as the core idea.