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European labour law. 11th revised edition

Roger Blanpain

Kluwer 2008, ISBN 9789041127679
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This book deals with European labour Law and industrial relations. It covers legislation concerning relations between employers and employees, collective agreements and the case law of the Court of Justice, as well as the structure and strategies of the social actors. The book consists of three parts: a general section, a section devoted to individual labour law and a section that deals with collective labour law. The eleventh edition is a revised version and all the latest developments are covered.

Table of contents
General Introduction. Chapter 1. The Institutional Framework. Chapter 2. The Social Partners. Chapter 3. Competences of the EU Regarding Labour Law. Chapter 4. European Labour Law: Trailer or Locomotive? Part I. Individual Labour Law. Chapter 1. The Free Movement of Workers. Chapter 2. Freedom of Services. Chapter 3. International Private Labour Law. Chapter 4. Individual Employment Contracts. Chapter 5. Child Care and the Protection of Young People at Work. Chapter 6. Equal treatment. Chapter 7. Protection of Motherhood. Chapter 8. Working Time, Sunday Rest, Night Work and Parental Leave. Chapter 9. Safety and Health. Chapter 10. Restructuring of Enterprises. Part II. Collective Labour Law. Chapter 1. Collective Bargaining. Chapter 2. Workers’ Participation. Epilogue: In Search of European Social Model (ESM): A Dream? Appendices: Appendix 1. Community Charter on the Fundamental Social Rights of Workers (1989). Appendix 2. Cooperation Agreement between UNICE and UEAPME of 12 November 1998. Appendix 3. Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (7 December 2000). Selected Bibliography. Alphabetical List of Cited Cases of the European Court of Justice. Index.