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Community, economic creativity, and organization

Ash Amin og Joanne Roberts

Oxford University Press 2008, 320 s. ISBN 9780199545506
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* At the frontier of thinking on community, situated practice, and organizational creativity
* Examines a wide range of working and professional contexts
* Contributions from leading international scholars from a range of disciplines, including Economic Geography and Organization Theory
* Explores the interface between community and contemporary capitalism
* Reflections from pioneers of thinking on 'communities of practice', Jean Lave and Paul Duguid

It has long been an interest of researchers in economics, sociology, organization studies, and economic geography to understand how firms innovate. Most recently, this interest has begun to examine the micro-processes of work and organization that sustain social creativity, emphasizing the learning and knowing through action when social actors and technologies come together in 'communities of practice'; everyday interactions of common purpose and mutual obligation. These communities are said to spark both incremental and radical innovation.

In the book, leading international scholars critically examine the concept of communities of practice and its applications in different spatial, organizational, and creative settings. Chapters examine the development of the concept, the link between situated practice and different types of creative outcome, the interface between spatial and relational proximity, and the organizational demands of learning and knowing through communities of practice. More widely, the chapters examine the compatibility between markets, knowledge capitalism, and community; seemingly in conflict with each other, but discursively not.

Exploring the frontiers of current understanding of situated knowing and learning, this book is for all those interested in the economic sociology of organizational creativity and knowledge capitalism in general.

Readership: Academics, researchers, and advanced students of Organization and Innovation Studies, Economic Sociology, Human Geography, Economics, Business, and Management.

Prologue. Community of Practice Then and Now , Paul Duguid
1. The Resurgence of Community in Economic Thought and Practice , Ash Amin and Joanne Roberts
Part I: Community, Creativity and Economy
2. Community and Economics , Michael Storper
3. "The Art of Knowing": Social and Tacit Dimensions of Knowledge and the Limits of the Community of Practice , Paul Duguid
4. Re-animating the Place of Thought: Transformations of Spatial and Temporal Description in the Twenty-first Century , Nigel Thrift
Part II: Bridging Cognitive Distance
5. Cognitive Distance in and Between CoP's and Firms: Where do exploitation and exploration Take Place, and How are They Connected? , Bart Nooteboom
6. Project Work as a Locus of Learning: The Journey Through Practice , Harry Scarbrough and Jacky Swan
7. Breakthrough Innovation and the Shaping of New Markets: The Role of Communities of Practice , Aurélie Delemarle and Philippe Larédo
Part III: Achieving Relational Proximity
8. Buzz without Being There? Communities of Practice in Context , Meric Gertler
9. Knowledge Intensive Firms, Communities and Creative Cities , Patrick Cohendet and Laurent Simon
10. Open, But How Much? Growth, Conflict and Institutional Evolution in Open Source Communities , Juan Mateos-Garcia and Ed Steinmueller
Epilogue. Situated Learning and Changing Practice , Jean Lave

Authors, editors, and contributors

Ash Amin, Professor of Geography and Executive Director of the Institute of Advanced Study, Durham University and
Joanne Roberts, Senior Lecturer in Management, Newcastle University
Contributors:Ash Amin, Professor of Geography and Executive Director of the Institute Advanced Study, Durham University,
Patrick Cohendet, professor of Economics, University Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg, France,
Aurélie Delemarle, C'Nano IdF post-doctoral fellow, Technical Laboratories, Territories and Societies, Ecole National des Ponts et Chausses (ENPC), Marne la Vallée, France,
Paul Duguid, adjunct professor, School of Information, University of California, Berkeley; professorial research fellow, Queen Mary, University of London; and honorary fellow, Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development, Lancaster University School of Management,
Meric S. Gertler, Goldring Chair in Canadian Studies, Department of Geography and Program in Planning, University of Toronto,
Philippe Larédo, Director of Research, University of Paris-Est, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chausses (ENPC), France, and Visiting Professor at the University of Manchester,
Jean Lave, social anthropologist, University of California, Berkeley,
Juan Mateos-Garcia, Research Officer and doctoral researcher at CENTRIM, University of Brighton,
Bart Nooteboom, professor of Innovation Policy, Tilburg University,
Joanne Roberts, senior lecturer in management, Newcastle University Business School,
Harry Scarbrough, Professor in Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, UK, and Director, ESRC Evolution of Business Knowledge (EBK) research programme,
Laurent Simon, associate professor, department of management, HEC Montréal, Canada,
Ed Steinmueller, Professorial fellow, SPRU (Science and Technology Policy Research, Sussex University),
Michael Storper, Professor of Economic Geography, London School of Economics, Professor of Regional and International Development, Department of Urban Planning, School of Public Affairs, UCLA, and Professor of Economic Sociology, Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris,
Jacky Swan, Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, UK,
Nigel Thrift, Vice-Chancellor and Professor, University of Warwick, Visiting Professor of Geography, Oxford University, and Emeritus Professor of Geography, Bristol University.