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In defence of labour market institutions

Cultivating justice in the developing world

Janine Berg og David Kucera

Palgrave 2008, 312 s. ISBN 9780230538054
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In this age of globalization labour market institutions have been blamed for the poor economic performance of many developing countries. This book shows that the evidence on which this argument rests is weak.
An interdisciplinary team of contributors utilize empirical data and theoretical evidence to offer a greater understanding of why formal labour market regulations and policies were implemented in developing countries, and how informal values and norms also influence the workings of the labour market. The contribution also analyse the economic effect that these institutions can have while shedding light on conceptual and methodological questions that have plagued the debate.
This volume offers economic and social reasons for maintaining certain policies and standards, differentiating between the needs and challenges of countries with varying levels of income.
Introduction; J.Berg & D.Kucera
Labour Institutions in Developing Countries: Historical and Theoretical Perspectives; J.Berg & D.Kucera
Measuring Labour Market Institutions: Conceptual and methodological questions on 'working hours rigidity'; S.Lee & D.McCann
Training Institutions and the Finance of General Skills Training: Evidence from Africa; I.Nübler
The Origins of Unemployment Insurance: Lessons for Developing Countries; J.Berg & M.Salerno
The Revival of Minimum Wage-Setting Institutions; F.Eyraud & C.Saget
What Can Labour Demand Functions tell us about Employment? The Case of the Philippines; J.Felipe & J.S.L.McCombie
The Impact of Trade Unions: What do Economists Say?; Z.Tzannatos
Labour Standards and Informal Employment in Latin America; R.Galli & D.Kucera
Legal Determinants of Labour Informality; J.L.Daza Pérez
New Trends in Labour Law Reform in Latin America: The Law, its Reform and its Impact in Practice; M.L.Vega Ruíz
Author Biographies
JANINE BERG is Labour Economist with the International Labour Office in Geneva, Switzerland. She is the author of Miracle for Whom? Chilean Workers under Free Trade and Meeting the Employment Challenge: Argentina, Brazil and Mexico in the Global Economy.

DAVID KUCERA is Senior Research Economist at the International Labour Organization. He is author of Gender, Growth and Trade and editor and contributor to Qualitative Indicators of Labour Standards, as well as the author of articles on the economic impact of labour standards and related topics.